Video on social platforms generates up to


more shares

than any combination of text and image.


80% of video marketers say video has directly helped

increase sales

* for more statistics on video marketing see the links at the bottom of this page

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Let's boost your sales

by creating captivating and irresistible Content 

Our services:


​We establish:

  • what product or service you want to promote

  • who your target audience is

  • which platform this audience uses

  • how much you want your budget to be


  • develop a concept for the video

  • decide on location, set, studio etc.

  • create a storyboard and/or shot list



We handle the whole shooting process, from choosing the best camera and lighting equipment to directing and cinematography.


The editing process includes:

Logging: sorting through all of the source video material and cutting out all the usable clips.

First Assembly: arranging the usable footage into a timeline consistent with the project’s storyboard.

Rough Cut: shaping the structure and pacing of the video, adding in pauses, transitions, titles etc.

Fine Cut: refining the overall video.

Final Cut: colour grading, special effects, music, sound effects, audio mixing, motion graphics




This involves uploading the finished video to the various platforms.


This is the process of rendering the finished project in the appropriate format. For example, Instagram story adverts need to be exported in a different format to YouTube adverts.

Meet The Team

Adam Franklin

Videographer, Editor & Director

Taizya Franklin

Writer, Editor, Storyboarder

Keyboard and Mouse

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